Alan France on generation conflicts in New Zealand 

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ABC coverage of punk and nightlife

Here’s a great story on the under appreciation of live music in Australia

There’s also some interesting coverage of the 40 year anniversary of punk here:

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Young people and ‘idealism’

Dan Woodman of the University of Melbourne (and also Newcastle Youth Studies Group associate and my co-author) discussing young people and Idealism.

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Alistair Fraser on BBC radio on Gangs

Glasgow & Russian gangs: Laurie Taylor explores their origins, organisation and meaning in two strikingly different cultures. He talks to Alistair Fraser, Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology at the University of Glasgow, whose fieldwork with young Glaswegian men, demonstrates that gangland life is inextricably bound together with perceptions of masculinity and identity and the quest to find a place in the community. They’re joined by Svetlana Stephenson, a Reader in Sociology at London Metropolitan University, who found that Russian gangs, which saw a spectacular rise in the post Soviet, market economy in the 1990s, are substantially incorporated into their communities, with bonds and identities that bridge the worlds of illegal enterprise and legal respectability.

Alistair Fraser was in the final shortlist of six for this year’s BSA/Thinking Allowed Ethnography Award.


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LISTEN, Albini and “dude-fest culture around music”

This is an insightful exchange and one of the best music related interviews I have ever read.

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Helen Razer on young people, generations and opportunity

As a fellow GenXer who is losing touch with pop culture but concerned with the ways young people are denigrated in moral panics and blamed for not taking opportunities they don’t really have, I pretty much agree with all of this…

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David Farrugia on Youth Unemployment

Newcastle Youth Studies Group member David Farrugia writing about youth unemployment, especially in the context of rural and regional areas.

He also spoke to Ben on Local ABC Radio about the same issue.

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Christine Feldman-Barrett on how history might understand the hipster

hipster go homeChristine Feldman-Barrett on the hipster after the recent Class War organised gentrification activism in London.

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Dan Woodman on generations and wealth

My friend and colleague Dan Woodman on Melbourne ABC radio talking generations and economics.

There’s also a series on generations at the Guardian, actually containing some non-moral panic perspectives… some.

This piece on youth unemployment talks about how even “young people from wealthier backgrounds who had university degrees were not guaranteed a job”.

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Shaun Prescott on metal, gentrification and lock outs

sadistik-exekution-23This is a wonderful piece by Shaun Prescott from the great Crawlspace, written with a sharp sociological eye,  on Sadistik Exekution, underground music, gentrification/lock outs and what a city should be.

See also this piece by Catherine Strong that contextualises Metal in a sociological context.


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